Skyeng is looking for a freelance copywriter to work on a new Business English course. You’ll be a great fit if you are fluent in English, have experience working in international companies and you’re in your element in a dynamic business environment.

Основные обязанности:

  • create content for our new Business English course.
  • write content in various business formats, for example, a text message, a dialogue between two colleagues, a report, or a sales proposal.
  • use words and phrases from specified lists in your texts.
  • revise your texts based on the feedback; meet deadlines


  • writes high-quality content in English and can adapt it for the Upper-Intermediate level
  • has experience of working in an international company
  • has a deep understanding of business vocabulary and current trends in the business world
  • speaks English at the level of a native speaker
  • is not afraid of feedback and uses it to improve the work results

Плюсом будет:

  • reads Harvard Business Review and other business media

Преимущества работы в Skyeng

  • an opportunity to work with non-standard formats and collaborate with interesting partners. 
  • 5–10 hours of work per week. 
  • an opportunity to tackle a real challenge!

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